My Formula 5000

It’s the real stuff, photographed at real races, and you go
racing with James Garner . . , star of “Grand Prix.” But, this
time it’s for real, he owns the cars and takes you behind the
scenes at Sebring, Daytona, Limerock, St. Jovite and even
some of his off road racing in Baja, Mexico in his Bad Bronco.
Some of Jim’s playmates are Parnelli Jones, John Surtees,
Roger Penske, Bob Bondurant, Mario Andretti, Sam Posey
Scooter Patrick, Pat Fahey, Dick Smothers and hundreds
more. You will see the real blood, sweat and tears, like Jim
said, “Why couldn’t it be like “Grand Prix”, when you do it for
real, it ain’t like the movies!” Producer Barry Scholer and
director Andy Sidaris filmed for nine months. John Srevens
devised a tiny camera the size of a grapefruit that recorded
action that will make your hair Stand on end! Made from
16mm, the film has a few scratches, but this is one you won’t
want to miss. James Garner, we can’t thank you enough!
1970 Color, 90 min.
A short clip that starts with a Formula A race
at Lime Rock, CT  in September 1969.
Due to a break down during qualifying,
Scooter Patrick must start his Surtees TS5
at the end of the pack.  Enjoy!
Sam Posey Winner Lime Rock 1969

A lap with Scooter Patrick's Surtees TS5
Formula A/F5000 car in St. Jovite 1969.
Scooter Patrick Surtees TS5 at St. Jovite.   Bob Fischetti & James Garner
Janes Garner with Majken Kruse 1969  Miss Continental race queen
Majken Kruse and James Garner 1969
Majken Kruse
Art Kijek #20 Kay Tee Wedge 1969 Lime Rock