My Formula 5000

Sam Winston, president of Winston Delta Tire Company in Glendale,
California conducted an extensive search and survey before he found
the very best combination that could secure his long awaited Formula
5000 win. After reviewing hundreds of proposals and interviewing nearly
as many racing his decision was made. Winston said, “With Jody
Scheckter’s proven background of success, Sid Taylor’s record of
“winning,” Jerry Entins race strategy acumen and a new well tested
Works-Trojan car, with Ron Tauranac engineering the effort, our  
chances of winning are increased by 100 per cent.”
Jody Scheckter and Sam Winston
Taylor-Entin Racing

Sam Winston finds the Right Combination.
1973 Mid Ohio- Kerry Agapiou in front
and then Ron Bennett and me at back.
Jerry Entin
This is the last race of the 1973 season at Kent,
Washington. Jody Scheckter has just gone off course at
full speed and Sid Taylor and I(Jerry Entin) are cleaning up
the car. Jody went from last to second in the race. A wire
we didn't see shorted out the electrical system this was
due to the earlier off course excursion and with one lap to
go, Jody couldn't run to the finish and was dropped to 3rd.
Jerry Entin