My Formula 5000
Motschenbacher Racing
Enterprises, Inc (MRE)
    Motschenbacher Racing Enterprises, Inc. (MRE)
Car: McLaren 10A-Chevy No. 11
Lothar Motschenbacher, 30, should be at home in a formula
racing car since this is the way he gained prominence. Winning some 30
formula races before moving to sports racers in 1066. The (German-born
resident of Hollywood finished fifth in the 1968 Can-Am series. He’s
married to Marilyn, who works actively on the team.
Crew Chief: Joel Griffin, a 30-year-old mechanic from Oakland, Calif.,
who works long hours every day of the week.  This is his third season in
racing, having worked on the  Dana Chevrolet team before.
Engine Builder: Fred Nething, 32, a drag racer from Ohio.  Also worked
tor Dana and then with American International Racing.
Lothar Motschenbacher