My Formula 5000
Milestone Racing Enterprises
Milestone Racing Enterprises
   Car: Eagle-Chevy No. 7
   Driver: Tony Adamowicz, 28, really made it big in the 1968
Trans-American sedan series, driving the team’s Porsche 911 to
the under-2-liter championship.  A resident of Wilton, Conn.,
Bachelor Adamowicz is a professional driver.
    President; Marvin Davidson, a 33-year-old partner in a Wall
Street investment firm. Business forced him to retire after racing
an Alfa GTA and Porsche 911 in 1966-67. Like Adamowicz, he has
been in racing five years.
    Crew Chief: Roy Wade, formerly a mechanic with Bob Tullius’
Group 44, has been around racing 15 years.