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Donohue-Penske Sunoco AMC Lola Latest to Enter L&M

The most talked about team entry in this year’s L&M Championship
(1973) is finally a reality.       
Mark Donohue/Roger Penske/American Motors
/Sears/Sunoco/Goodyear et al combine began competition at Mid-Ohio
two weeks ago with a new  Lola which replaced the one burned earlier in
the year in a garage fire at Riverside, Calif.
The Sunoco AMC Lola, although relatively unsorted at Mid-Ohio, and
having only a few qualifying laps to shake down, was driven to a solid
third place in the feature by Donohue. To put a car that high the first        
time out in a virtually untested state is some kind of an accomplishment.
And you know that here two weeks later, the car  will have all the bugs
ironed out and will be ultra-competitive.
The return to the L&M series by the team is a sterling statement about
the quality of not only the series itself, but also the competition. For it is
no secret that the Penske team does not enter races on a whim. A great
deal of time and preparation have gone into the Sunoco AMC Lola this
weekend(Watkins Glen) and that preparation will undoubtedly be
rewarded by Donohue.
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Donohue-Penske Sunoco AMC
It’s often been said that Penske and Donohue
have help from other sources. This secret
picture was taken during a recent conference.