My Formula 5000
Autodynamics Inc.
Car: Eagle-Chevy or McLaren 10A-Chevy  No. 1
Driver: Sam Posey, 24, is the leader of the new breed of serious,
scientific drivers. Talkative and intelligent, Posey is a principal in
Autodynamics. The well-to-do driver finished second in the Mt. Fuji
‘Can-Am” last fall, and has placed well in numerous Group 7 races. He
is single. Co-sponsors: Curtis Bruner, 37. President of Classic Car
Wax in West Palm Beach, Fla., and Steve Allen, host of his own RKO
Team Manager: Ray Caldwell, the 34-year-old president of
Autodynamics, has an engineering degree from the University of’
Wisconsin and a business degree from Harvard and is an
accomplished race driver.
Crew Chief: Jack McCormick has been in racing four years, and also
works on Autodynamics’ Can-Am car.
Autodynamics Inc.