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A letter from Seb Coppola                                     March 27, 2013
President -
Formula 5000 Drivers Association

F5000 Association Members and Prospective Members:

As we embark on another year of racing , we need to raise the
necessary funds to organize good events and award nice trophies.

The Board of Directors has retained the dues at the 2012 level. If you
pay before April 15, the dues are $175. After April 15, the dues go to
$200. Attached is the membership renewal form. You can use PayPal if
you wish. Please go to The Formula 5000 Registry and then click on
Drivers Association.

If you did not renew your membership in 2012, I ask you to do so in
2013 even if you will not be racing. To keep the Formula 5000 Drivers
Association active and thriving we need your support.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Best Regards,

Sebastian (Seb) Coppola

You can also pay by using PayPal if you wish at The
Formula 5000
Registry. Please follow with a copy of the membership form or an email

All the best, Seb

Sebastian (Seb) Coppola
President - Formula 5000 Drivers Association
Administrator - F5000 Registry
Phone: (248) 601-2800
Formula 5000 Drivers Association
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application & renewal
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