My Formula 5000
Photos from Long Beach Grand Prix September 1975
Long Beach, California
October 2009
Tom Pryce Shadow DN-6 #00  Jody Scheckter Lola T332 #3
Jackie Oliver Shadow DN-6 #0
Brian Redman Lola T332 #1
Jackie Oliver Shadow DN-6 #0
Bill Baker Lola T332 #55   Al Unser Lola T332 #51  Benny Scott Lola T332 #12
Graham McRae Lola T332 #6
This Long Beach collection taken by Ron
Miller, a professional photographer
following the F5000 racers from coast to
coast.  Ron was the team photographer
for Peter Papke for the 1976 season.
Hoping soon to have a few  more.
Thank you Ron, for sharing your photos
with us.
Just a mix of photos of drivers, cars,
spectators & mechanics.
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