My Formula 5000
Bob Nagel, a corporate pilot for Westinghouse Electric Corp., has
gone from midgets to Can-Am cars and has won some 45 races since
beginning his racing career at Watkins Glen in 1962. Nagel
entered Formula 5000 competition in l975 and participated in five
series events. His best finishes were 12th place efforts at Mid-Ohio
and Road Atlanta driving the Thermo King Lola T332. In 1974, Nagel
finished fourth in the Can-Am Challenge Cup standings, placing fourth
in the four races he finished in his Lola T260. The previous year, he
was fifth in the final points but his Lola-Chevy was the first car in the
standings not powered by a turbocharged Porsche. In between Can-
Am races, Nagel competed in SCCA National races capturing the
Northeast Division’s A sports racing title in 1973 and 1974 and going
on to the Champion Spark Plug Road Racing Classic where he won
the National Championship crown in 1973 and finished second in
1974. Bob began competing in the Can-Am in 1967, three eighth-place
finishes his best in the 1972 series. He also drove his Lola T222 to
second in the NeDiv’s ASR standings and placed third at the ARRC in
1972. In his second year of racing. 1963, Nagel was third in SCCA’s
national standings and second in 1964, had a class win at Sebring in
1967, was the 1968 Northeast Division A sports racing champion and
placed third at the American Road Race of Champions that year.
Nagel has set numerous class and overall circuit records in the
Eastern U.S.
Lola T332
Bob Nagel
photo & profile 1976
Residents, Library, Pennsylvania
Born August 22, 1924
The car photo is from a Super 8
movie Mid-Ohio 1975 and is not of
the highest quality