Watkins Glen July
9-10-11 1976
My Formula 5000
Formula A & Formula 5000
1970's + classified ads appearing in various publications.
McRae GM-1
Formula 5000.  The ONLY ONE with show stopping body and power.  
Built by McRae--Marollo race engine--six new Jongbloed wheels--new
fuel cell from England.  $135,000.   Owego, NY
Victory Lane Magazine  6/1992

McRae GM-1
Chassis #007, excellent cond/all orig. tub & plated suspension, sm.
block Chev. w/MK-1 Lucas/McKay injection.  Hewland DG300.  $100,000
JIm S. or John.   La Habra, CA.  Victory Lane Magazine  12/1992

McRae GM-1
1972 Formula 5000 McRae.  Chassis #9, as seen at Lime Rock Fall
Festival.  7 races from new, one race on complete restoration.  5 litre
Lucas injected Chevy, DG 300, plus spares.  $110,000. Contact Ted
Wenz or Peter Marcovicci   Ronkonkoma, NY
Victory Lane Magazine  6/1990

McRae F-5000
Roller, perfect condition, new Hewland trans, New wings, New brakes,
Professionally set-up $7500. or trade.  Ronald Doll, Gardena, CA
Autoweek 2/26/1979

1973 McRae
F5000 1973 McRae, business forces sale of new race ready McRae.  
Fully sorted and tested.  Complete with spare wheels and gears.
Arlington, VA  Autoweek  5/26/1973

F5000 McRae 1973
Complete race package.  1973 rolling chassis 3 races old, tub
spotlessly clean down to bare metal, excellent mechanical condition
throughout.  One engine left unassembled for inspection just prepared
with all parts new and highest quality.  One engine needing rebuild,
Carillos, etc.  Fresh Kinsler Lucas F.I.  Weber setup.  Spares include:  
Titanium suspension, New Lockheed brake set, 8 new rotors, new Borg
& Beck, eleven wheels, shovel noses, gears, new radiator, etc.  
Package includes very fitting & bolt requied with blueprints, manuals.  
Car very competitive with proper developmen program.  Simply quiting
racing.  Price starts at $14,000.  Dr. Gordon Meffert  Waunakee, WI  
Autoweek  6/15/1974

McRae 1974
1974 McRae #005.  Can-Am/ASR.  Ex-F-5000 Semi-Monocoque.  
Spares, molds, 12 wheels, 2 engines.  355 chevy.  Brodex heads.  
Looks & runs great.  $15,000. OBO w/trailer.  
Nine Lives Racing.
Denver, CO.  Autoweek 4/14/1986    note: still in business

McRae GM1B
Immaculate McRae GM1B.  This car has special modifications.  Many
spare parts including wheels, gears, tires, completely aeroquipped with
Qucksliver Race enginds engines-secon fastest trap speed at Watkins
Glen L&M race.  $10,000. less engine.  The best buy in the country.  
Quicksilver Racing Enterprises, Rockville, MD  Competition Press &
Autoweek  5/4/1974

F5000 McRae GM1
Three races old.  Not used in 1974.  Deformables installed.  Everything
fresh, many spares.  No time to race.  Priced Right!  
Gregg Peterson  
Sunnyvale, CA  12/28/1974

F/5000 Champion McRae
FIA legal, spares, gearbox, wheels.  New Foltz, sell, rent.
Randolph Johnston,  Suitland, MD  Autoweek 10/26/1974

McRae GM-1 1973
Virtually brand new car, 3 engines, Webers, Kinster Lucas fuel
injection, 11 Melmag wheels gear changes, spare noses, Wings, etc.
$14,000. will trade for Gt car, Ferrari, Mercedes, Rolls, William Kontes
Vineland NJ  Autoweek 8/24/1974

McRae GM1 1973 ex-Gordon Smiley #21
3 L&M races.  5th place Mid-Ohio(Gordon Smiley), very quick.  2
Williams Chevy engines.  13 and 15 inch wheels.  Many spares.  Josef
Scott Eng.  Kansas City, MO  Autoweek 9/22/73

McRae GM1 #21
Race Ready.  Deformed,  Latest Lockeed calipers.  26 gear rations,  
Numerable spares.  Latest slicks.  Goodyear rains.  Two fresh Chevy
engines.  Last race Ontario 500.  Josel Scott.  Kansas City, MO
Autoweek 2/15/1975  

McRae GM1 Jon Woodner
Set up and maintained by Carrol Smith, with or without fresh Bartz.  
Spare nose, wing, six wheels, radiator.  Fastest McRae in US.  If you
want to run pro races we can provide deformable structure for 1974.  
Sure National winner as set up.  Carrol Smith or Bill Cuddy or
Jon Woodner.   Los Angeles, CA   Competition Press & Autoweek  

McRae F5000/FA
1973 Tasmin Series winner, race ready today, all goodies, Hewland,
Lucas, Lockheed, MelMag, Titanium suspension, new Goodyears dry,
rains, spares.  Must sell $9999.  S. Diamond,  Melrose, MA.  Autoweek
April 24, 1976.    Also Autoweek April 30, 1977  $5999.

McRae F5000
1974 Legal.  Deformable structures.  Fresh F.I. Bartz .  Won and set
records at all Nationals.  Top ten in all pro events.  Second at ARRC.  
Roy Campbelll  Indianapolis, IN.  Competition Press & Autoweek  

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McRae GM-1 Owego, NY
1972 McRae #007

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