Watkins Glen July
9-10-11 1976
My Formula 5000

Lola T300/330/332/400/430
1970's, 80's & 90's classified ads
appearing in various publications.
Lola T300 2 available
2 Formula 5000 driven by David Hobbs and Bret Lunger.  Exceptional
cars.  Latest modifications, beautiful condition, race ready.  Hogan
Racing  ST. Louis, MO  Competition Press & Autoweek  8/181973

Lola T300
New in September 1972.  One race complete with engine.  Lots of
spares including trailer.  Also three spare engines.  Monk King Pontiac  
Denton, TX  Competition Press & Autoweek  9/1/1973

Lola T300
Race ready, 16 wheels & tires, tools, body molds, gears, suspension,
etc.  Complete spare engine, dry sump pan, 2 injectors, Crower crank $
rods, Wisco, Vertex roller can & Rockers.  New A.F.R. aluminum heads.  
24ft dual axle trailer, one race old, ramp, work bench, etc. Make offer.
Doug.  Scarborough, Ontario.   Victory Lane Magazine 6/1997

Lola T300
1972 Lola T300 with full documented history.  50 miles on total
restoration.  Blindingly fast and easy to drive.  As seen at Mid-Ohio
F5000 Reunion.  Everything new or rebuilt, including, rodends,
Aeroquip , fuel cells, etc.  One of the cleanest well developed T300's in
the country.  $159,000  Mike Shank  Reynoldsburg, OH
Victory Lane Magazine 1/1993 & 12/1994

Lola T300
1972 Formula 5000,  Ex. Jerry Hansen, Chevy V8,  Webers, McKay,
Hewland, Extra set of wheels, spare new body, nose mold, excellent
race ready condition. $90,000  Don McGreevy  San Francisco, CA.
Victory Lane Magazine 5/1991

Lola T300
Vintage 1972.  Lola documented as chassis 8 of 15.  Tub up
restoration.  Can be seen at the Newporter Concours on May 18.  This
car is spectacular and will be raced on June 15 at the vintage meet at
Riverside.  Les,  Los Angeles, CA. Victory Lane Magazine 5/1986
Listed again in 7/1993  $65,000.  

Lola T300
Ex-Ongais 5000 car, needs long block and induction only.  Otherwise
complete, spares and trailer included.  
Gary Wilson,  Towanda, KS
Autoweek 10/5/1981

Lola T300 F-5000
Holds national track record riverside #63 ex-Ongais.  Deformable
structures, spares included complete body, wing, mounted wets and
many slicks, many more. Professionally maintained, $12,000. Ed
O'brien, San Diego, CA   Autoweek 1975

Lola T300 F-5000
Former Ongias car recently freshened, professionally maintained.
$10,000. San Diego, CA. Autoweek 10/23/1976

Lola T300 F-5000
Immaculate-Deformables and all Lola modifications.  Lucas injected
engine, 6 hours since Bartz rebuild.  Spares Galore!  6 wheels with
slicks, 4 wheels rains.  Extra nose, body, steering rack.  10 springs, 4
sways, 2 uprights.  18 suspension items,  4 shocks plus much much
more.  Over $4000. in spares.  All for $12,000. Bill Baker, Pismo Beach,
CA  Autoweek 1/4/1975

Lola T300
Bolthoff, Lucas-McKay Weaver, Aeroquip, Graviner. T322 rear wing.  
Mounted rains, spares.  Successful car in excellent condition.  $11,500.
Brad Blankenship, Indianapolis, IN  Autoweek 6/7/1975

Lola T300
1 race old, driven by David Hobbs, many spares.  $7000. Tulsa, OK
Autoweek 8/2/1975

Lola T300
Campaigned by Warren Flickenger.  Available with or without engine.  
Chuck Jones Racing Costa Mesa, CA  Competition Press & Autoweek  

Lola T300
The best around.  Perfect in every way and ready to go in 1975
Formula 5000 championship.  With engine and all spares $11,500.
Horst Kroll  Ontario Canada  Competition Press & Autoweek  12/7/1974
also for sale in 4/10/1976

F-5000 Lola Modified T-300
Loads of spares, Bartz 305 fuel injected/Boultoff spare, chassis-by
Carrol Smith, motor prep.  $15,750. Complete.  Covered trailer $1000.
Jos Schultz  Buena Park, Calif.  Autoweek 11/2/1974

Lola 300
Less engine, 74 legal with deformable-structure, strengthened chassis,
spare body, wheels and suspension pieces. Must sell, new car coming.
Dan Gardner  Vacaville, CA  Autoweek 7/6/1974

Lola T300 F5000
Lucas injected Boltholf engine. Trailer, some spares, alignment
equipment included.  Dave Madison,  Van Nuys, CA  Autoweek

Lola T300
$8500. with Lucas injected, Carillo rods, dry sump, Chevy.  Trailer,
suspension gauges, car cover.  Late 1972 car with only 3 races.  St.
Charles, MO  Autoweek 8/24/1974

Lola T300
Deformable, T332 wing.  Weisman diff.  Race ready, less engine.  
Spares include mounted rains, rotors, pads, clutch, etc.  Best offer,
consider FF trade.  Mark Dillon.  Mpls, Mn  Autoweek 3/13/1976

Lola T300 MkII Ex-Sandy Shepard
Fastest lighest, most immaculate in USA.  Fresh motor in car plus
spares. ARRC ready.  Trailer, spares, complete. ready to race.  Built by
Dick Corrow  Riverside, CA Competition Press & Autoweek  

Lola T300  
Steve Pieper #18.  Highest placing T300 in this years L&M Series.  With
or without engines. Priced to see  Pieper & Pieper Motor Racing  
Alexandria, VA  Competition Press & Autoweek  10/13/1973

Lola T300
F5000.  Competed all 1976 Pro. Series.  Lucas injected, trailer, spare
330 nose, cover professional rebuilt.  Wins money!  $10,000. Car!  
Liquidation sale $8800.  Garth W. Pollar   British Columbia  
Autoweek  11/27/1976

Lola T300 w/332 body
Not raced since complete engine and chassis rebuilt.  Never crashed or
bent.  Immaculate condition.  spares, trailer.  Quit racing.  
Floyd D. Sable.  Anaheim, CA  Autoweek 10/30/1976
also 5/20/1977 $8500.

Lola T300
Formula 5000 roller, Ex-Eppie Wietzes.  Extra slicks, mounted rains,
Graviner, Weiseman DG300.  Banana wing, misc. spares.  Also
available enclosed trailer and Chevy engine.  Thomas Carson.
Urbana, IL  Autoweek 11/13/1976 also 4/16/1977

Lola T300 Eppie Wietzes #94
Donnybroke winner and 5th overall Continental.  This A-1 car is
race-ready.  Konis, Aeroquip, Graviner, stainless steel exhaust, extra
wheels and spares.  With or Without rebuilt CR Chevy.  Trailer
available.  New car on order, must sell. The price is right!   Formula
Racing, Toronto, Canada   Competition Press & Autoweek  9/2/1972  

Lola T300
Deformable structure, Lucas injected, dry sumped motor.  Trailer, some
spares. Tub, two races old.  
David Hobbs car with beefed rear
suspension.  $10,000.  Jerry Hodges, St. Charles, MO. Competition
Press & Autoweek  5/11/1974

Lola T300
One race only.  Complete with Yunick engine. only $15,000.  No 1973
sponsor.  Must Sell. Lots of spares available. H.V. Shepard,  Denton, TX
Competition Press & Autoweek  6/9/1973

Lola T300
The Pepsi-Wetson Lola  #3. 2 races since new.  Prepared by Horst
Kwech, Many new details. All aircraft-latest specs. Chassis new August
1972. Available with or without engine. truck and spares. Herb or
Kwech. Chicago, IL  Competition Press & Autoweek  2/24/1973 photo

Lola T300    
Kevin Bartletts, T-300. Fast, strong, proper spares-radius rods, cross
members (4130) nose/wings.  Weisman locker with/without engine,
gearbox.  Ready for Riverside April 29, 1973 Contact Jones-Eisert
Racing Costa Mesa, Calif.   Competition Press & Autoweek  3/24/1973

Lola T300
1976 Regional Champion.  1977 Southern Pacific National Champion.  
Everything goes with car except motor.  Lots of spares.  Must see to
appreciate. $4700./offer  Ray Stephens, Costa Mesa, CA
Autoweek 2/3/1978  also in Autoweek 12/25/1976 for $6500.

Lola T300
Fresh engine, spare everything. Enough spares to put together
another car $9000. San Jose, Ca 6/4/1979
Lola T330
Low time since recent professional ground up restoration. Chevy,
Brodix, Webers, Carillo Vertex, dry sump, stainless exhaust, Hewland
DG300.  Many spares including 4 Lola wheels.  Beautiful car. $59,000
Can-Am Cars, Ltd.  Saint Louis, MO Victory Lane Magazine 10/1999

Lola T330
Lola T330 w/chevy, race ready $17,800.  Also spare nose, wheels,
wings, engines, etc., if needed.  
Eddie Miller  Vail, CO
Competition Press & Autoweek  10/27/1973  

Lola T330 (330/24)
Formula 5000 car built for Sid Taylor, Ryan Falconer 305 with Lucas
timed injection (540hp) presently in Can-Am format, convertible to
F5000.  The car is in excellent condition. Kansas City, MO.  Victory
Lane Magazine.  2/1990  

Lola T330
As New 1974-Six Pro races only.  Parallel rear suspension as 332,
large radiators, injected Boltoff.  Good selection of spares available
including body sections, wngs, wheels.  Hone Overdrive Co.  Whittier,
CA    Autoweek 1/4/1975

Lola T330
New built Chevy 305, dry sump,  Lucas-Kinsler inj. needs restoration.  
$20,000. Larry Johnson  Larry Johnson  Aurora, CO  Autoweek

Lola T330
Brand new, never assembled, new Bolthoff engine still in crate.  Jimmy
Pyle or John Bernadine  Tulsa, Ok Autoweek 2/9/1974

Lola T330
Ex. Regazzoni, Ex. Bobby Muir, some spares, $11,000. less motor.
Chuck Jones Racing.  Costa Mesa, CA   Autoweek 3/13/1976

Lola F-5000 T330
Legal for 1974 series with every possible extra.  Big oil coolers,
radiators, Koni shocks and Fresh Alam Smith engine $20,000. Firm  
Jerry Entin   Palm Springs, CA  Autoweek 7/6/1975

Lola T330  ex. Rutherford
Jonny Rutherfords T330 with or without McLaren engine.  Hogan
Racing.   St. Louis,  MO.  Autoweek 10/12/1974

Lola T330 Formula Magazine
Partially updated to T332 specs this very reliable car which has finished
every race  started is in magnificent condition and has to be the best
buy in the country.  Completely rebuilt in June '76 with new uprights,
shocks and all suspension pieces.  Complete with injected engine and
extensive spares inventory including front and rear uprights, A-arms,
brake discs, wheel bearings and body parts. $17,000.  
John Benton  
Chicago, MI  Autoweek 11/13/1976 also 5/20/1977 $15,000.  

Lola T330 ex-Jody Schecker
Used once at Pocono. Fresh and race ready. Taylor-Entin Racing.
Palm Springs, Ca  Competition Press & Autoweek  10/20/1973

Lola T330
Mark Donohue's AMC Lola.  Mint Condition.  No sponsor. Forces sale.
Will consider any  serious reasonable offer. Professional Road Racing
Dayton, OH.  Competition Press & Autoweek  5/11/1974 7/6/1974

Lola T330/332 ex Eppie Wietzes
New tub Jan. 1975.  Prefer to sell as roller, $13,000. but two engines to
choose from.  Spare parts list available.  Dan Gardner.  Vacaville, CA.
Autoweek 3/13/1976

Lola T330/2
Ex-Hansen, Ex-Hall Lola.  Immaculate condition.  Fresh Chapparal
engine.  Holds National lap record at Seattle International Raceway.  
Very fast.  Glenn Brown  Kent, WA  Autoweek 8/28/1976

Lola T332
F5000 restoration project.  As new chassis (plated HU16) comes with
body, 4 uprights, front nose section, rear wing.  Fuel cells, 4 wheels
and numerous suspension components.  $30,000. David. Location ?
Victory Lane Magazine 4/1998

Lola T332
This Formula 5000 recently restored as yet  never raced.  Full late
Redman/Hass body.  As new condition and ready to race $82,000.
Santa Monica, California   Victory Lane Magazine 4/1996

Lola T332
Excellent condition, fresh engine.  Lots of spares, fast and dependable.
$65,000. David Glen  Daytona Beach, FL  
Victory Lane Magazine 12/1999

Lola T332
Chassis No. HU28, ex Graeme Lawrence NZ Marlborough car.  Fresh
motor good tub.  $38,000 U.S. FOB Melbourne. Victory Lane Magazine

Lola T332
F5000 chassis #37.  Totally restored car.  Tub reskinned by Marc
Bahner.  No expense spared to rebuild this car to 1996 safety
standards.  Winner of five prestigious shows, including LeCircle.  
Tested once only.  Very race ready, but never raced since restortion.  
$127,000 invested. Sale price $85,000  Los Angeles, CA  Victory Lane
Magazine 2/1996

Lola T332
Mario Andretti's Championship Car.  Most famous and important F5000
chassis.  Currently undergoing ground-up restoration by top
professional.  Car is exactly as run by Vel's/Parnelli Jones/Viceroy.  
This is the F5000 to own.  Bruce Camepa or Don May.  San Jose, CA  
Victory Lane Magazine 2/1990

Lola T332 (332/38)
Formula 5000 raced by
Tuck Thomas.  Has been in storage for 12
years.  Kansas City, MO.  Victory Lane Magazine.  2/1990

Lola T332
Chassis #HU52.  1974, the last factory T332 with VDS 5 liter Chevy,
59cc slant plug heads, with Lucas mechanical injection, 2 hours total on
motor.  15 gearsets and other spares.  This is a unrestored but
concours turnkey historic racer.  Tom Shelton - Shelton Ferrari.  Miami
FL.  Victory Lane Magazine 6/1988

Lola T332  
Original F-5000 configuration, Never bent, fresh engine, show cond.
Gary Wilson, Towanda, KS Autoweek 10/6/1981

Lola T332
F-5000 roller, formerly owned by Hogan Racing.  Some spare
components spare body and one set rain tires. Richard or Gary,
Melbourne, FL Autoweek 3/26/1979  

Lola T332
Ex-Warwick Brown Tasmin champion, less engine. Full Spares $20,000.
Fast Co.  Mablehead, Mass.  Autoweek 1975

Lola 332
Can-Am/ F-5000,  Chassis #33, offering both F-5000 & slick Rob Railey
designed Can-Am configuration.  Mounted rains, brand new slicks,
gear.  Track tested in May 1986, absolutely race ready. Pewaukee, WI.  
Autoweek 7/14/1986

Lola T332 #13
Has everything to convert to Can-Am.  Whippie Frisbee body.  Fuel
injected, tow 305 engines, one-fresh tons of spares $25,000.  Las
Vegas, Nevada  Autoweek 8/12/1985

Lola 332 Tub
Reskinned with completely new 6061T6 aluminum.  Extra supports.  
Excellent discount over new.  Tom Frederick  Bethel Park, PA  
Autoweek  10/14/1977

Lola 332
Ex. Jim Hall as raced by B.J. Swanson.  2 chapparel engines.  Low
time-now rebuilt as new by Ron Armstrong.  20 sets of gears, 8 spare
wheels, covered trailer.  Complete racing package, $31,500.  Chuck
Jones Racing.  Costa Mesa, CA   Autoweek 3/13/1976

332 Lola F5000
Brand new-never run, many spares. $18,000..  Bill Simpson.
Torrance, CA  Autoweek 12/28/1974

Lola T332 David Hobbs
Lola T332 with or without McLaren Chevrolet. Hogan Racing.
Autoweek 10/12/1974

Lola T332 ex Vern Schuppan
4th fastest Qualifier Laguna Seca 1974(ex Vern Schuppan).  Complete
with Alan Smith fuel injected engine,  All latest modifications and ready
for next season.  $25,000.
Jerry Entin,  Palm Springs, CA  Autoweek

Lola F/5000 T332 ex-Viceroy
Two spare engined, complete set of gears. Ready to race.
Len Miller  Trenton, NJ   Autoweek 4/20/1976

Lola T332 ex-John Morton
Complete with spares as driven by John Morton, prepared by Joey
Caralleri, Krinitt Racing Enterprises.  Santa Monica CA Autoweek

Lola T332
Still the car for pro series, hard to beat, spare body and tub.  Bartz
motor, some spares available. Detachable roll cage. Enclosed trailer
available, special early price.
Tuck Thomas  Minneapolis, MN  
Autoweek May 27, 1975 also 2/19/1977 also 1/6/1978

Lola T332
1st. National City backup car.  Complete with new stainless exhaust,
Graviner fire & air systems, Chapparal air box, fresh Chev. engine
w/MacKay, Weaver, and Turbo heads.  Can be seen at Riverside
October 15-17th.  Hogan Racing, St Louis,MO Autoweek 10/2/1976
also 4/30/1977

Lola T332
Lola T332  Perfect condition.  Must sell, will consider all offers or
John Gunn  Miami, FL  Autoweek 9/11/1976

Lola T332
Fresh tub, new Konis, New Weismann.  Three sets gears, spare tub,
body, suspension, Etc.  Dyno engines, patrs, pit eqpt. and much more,
Gus Hutchison, Dallas, TX
Autoweek 9/9/1977

Lola T332
Ready for Can-Am update.  As new condition, less than 500 actual
miles on car, includes New 305 Chevy engine. Carrillo Rods, Stainless
Rockers. Turbo heads.  Lucas fuel injection. Weaver 4-stage dry sump.
Car includes, Single Strut Dihedral wing. Alum. Koni's Full Aeroquip.
Many spares $16,500 or sell as updated can-am $22,500. Boston, MA
Autoweek 6/4/1979

Lola T332
Race ready, Bartz-Chev, roll cage, spare tub, very clean, spare wheels,
spare body, special price.  Minneapolis, MN  
Autoweek 1/20/1978

Lola T332-C
Chevy 305, dry sump, Lucas-Kinsler inj. mid-rains, ex gears.  $22,000.  
Larry Johnson,  Aurora, CO  Autoweek 11/18/1985

Lola T-332-C
Loads of spares including TUB bodies, radiators new Weisman in
rebuilt gearbox , new Konis.  Excellent CAN-AM conversion.  $13,000.
with engine $18,000.
Gus Hutchison  Dallas, TX  Autoweek 4/30/1977

Lola 332-C
Never Damaged, as driven by Alan Jones.  Richard Shirley, 4 outings,
4th, 5th, and 9th place finishes.  A complete race ready team including
new spares and enclosed 26' trailer.  Bob Smith  Cypress, CA  
Autoweek 3/19/ 1977

Lola T332C
Brain Redman's 1975 Championship winning Lola.  One race since
completely rebuilt by Jim Hall.  USAC Registered 1976.  Professionally
maintained.  Numerous spares.  Fresh spare Chaparral engine.  1973
fully enclosed Gerhardt transporter.  Will deliver complete package
anywhere USA.  Max Mizejewski.  Woodland Hills, CA
Autoweek 12/25/1976

Lola T332C
Ex-Hogan.  Zero Races on Total rebuild Weisman suspension.  Bartz
engine less induction.   Can-Am conversion available $9,700.  
Autoweek 1/20/1978

Lola T332C
rolling chassis.  Four Bartz 302 Chevy motors.  Complete Can-Am and
F5000 body work.  Lots of spares. Make offers
San Carlos, CA  Autoweek 7/28/1978

Lola T332C
All equipment . Package or separate.  Two injected engines, some
spares, enclosed trailer, Will consider season lease for   responsible
adequately financed Can-Am team. Md.
Autoweek 4/9/1978

Lola T400
Chassis #HU-012.  This is the last of only 12 cars built of this unique
model.  Ex-
John Morton and Ed Swart(only 2 owner/drivers).  This is the
best looking and most interesting F5000 ever made.  Its rising rate
suspension and inboard shocks was revolutionary at the time in 1975.  
This car has a proper 5.0 liter mechanical fuel-injected engine, just
rebuilt and running very strong.  Total restoration was completed 2
years ago with new transmission, new fuel cell, brakes, etc.  Car is
complete and race ready with spare nose, car cover, extra set of
wheels, many gear sets and lots of spares.  $85,000.  Ed Swart  
Torrance CA.  Vintage Racecar Magazine 12/2001  

Lola T400
Lola T400 1975 SL400/06.  Ex-Vels/Parnelli Team drivers: Andrettri &
Unser, Falconer Chevy/Lucas McKay etc.  DG300, Many spares,
Excellent Condition.  Santee, CA. Victory Lane Magazine 5/1993

Lola T400
1975 Lola T400. Very possible last one in existence in original spec's.  
Complete rebuild, car completely gone thru, one race on engine.  A
beautiful highly competitive car. $65,000. Jack Smiley. Dallas, TX  
Victory Lane Magazine 4/1989

Lola T400 ex Eppie Wietzes
Eppie Wietzes very successful modified Lola T400.  Third place Long
Beach.  Complete with McLaren engine or as rolling chassis.  Konis,
Graviner, Fire Eater life support.  Some spares, extra wheels included.  
Formula Racing,  Toronto, Canada   3/13/1976  

Lola T430
Fresh Lucas injected Chev, DG 300 gearbox.  Winner 1977 Australian
GP!  Comprehensive spares package.  A$85,000(US$60,000.) Bob
Minogue (Australia) Victory Lane Magazine 6/1994

Lola T430 F5000
Chaparral engine devoloped by Hall & Haas for pro racing. Ex
Redman.  Very fast.  Fresh with sure shot at Atlanta ASR or Can-am.  
Richard L. DeJarld, Joliet, IL.  Autoweek 3/26/1979

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