Watkins Glen July
9-10-11 1976
My Formula 5000

Lola T190/192
A few 1970's classified ads appearing in
various publications.
Lola T190
1970 F5000 in good condition, less engine. Chuck Haines, Manchester,
MO. Victory Lane Magazine 12/1987

Lola T190
Factory updated to 192.  Fresh motor and gears. DG-300.  Triple plate
clutch, two bodies, spare wheels.  $5395.  Consider trades.  Pat or
John,  Anaheim, CA.  Autoweek 4/16/1977

Lola T190 w/192 body
Less engine; Four spare wheels; spare clutch.  Trailer included; will
consider trade and cash.  $6500. Excellent body.  Dick Losk
Bellevue, WA.  Competition Press & Autoweek  6/2/1973

Lola T190
F/A  with trailer.  Competition development Chery.  Many spares.  The
best race ready complete car available.  $12,000.  Jack Byers  San
Diego, CA  Competition Press & Autoweek  6/12/1971

Lola T190
With or without engine.  Full set of spares including spare chassis.
Champ Carr. San Juan, Calif.  Competition Press & Autoweek  

Lola + T190 ex-Hutchison
Must sell, new car on the way.  Completely fresh, professionally
maintained.  Some spares, Buy a winner. Priced to sell.   
Michael Brockman,  Orlando, FL  Competition Press & Autoweek  

Lola T190
James Dunkel's immaculate  Lola T190, fresh Bartz slant plug, dry
sump, Webers, new set of wheels and rain tires. 13 gear sets,extra set
like new Dunlops.  9 races, no DNF's leading central division.  Complete
spare Chevy, Weaver dry, Webers, ready to install.  Spare set Bartz
headers, two Varleys, trailer all for $15,990. or will trade or separate.
Woodstock, IL.  Autoweek 10/2/1971  

Lola T190
Ron Grable's Lola T190, lap records at Edmonton, Seattle, Sears and
Dallas.  Two Traco F/1 engines, extra wheels, wet, dry rubber, spares
too much to mention.  Excellent Tasman package.  Priced quick sale.
Donald C. Williams.  Sunnyvale, Calif.  Competition Press & Autoweek  

Lola T190
All fresh magnafluxed, repainted Candy Gold ready for Riverside, roller.
$7,990.   Hayes Racing Santa Ana, CA   Autoweek 5/15/1971

Lola T190
"The Blue Magic # 45" T-190 with updated T-192 body.  Bolthoff 302
cu.in. Chevy with Lucas injection, DG300 trans.  Koni Aluminum shocks.
Knock-off wheels, she is red, white and blue with lots of chrome.  Car is
race ready and in immaculate condition.  She is probably the sharpest
car of this vintage available. Asking $9500. or trade for McLaren 8E
parts.  Extra fresh engine, DG300 trans, 4 wheels plus spares
available.  Will sell everything for $12,000.  Pacific Coast Racing Long
Beach, Calif  Jack Peterson or Ed Felter   Competition Press &
Autoweek  1/20/1972 also 7/7/1973  
Laguna Seca 1971 entry list

Lola T190-192
Must sell.  Beautiful paint, auto show winner.  Bartz injected motor
,motor needs rebuild. Rest car. 8 wheels and many spares. Will trade
Dick Lost  Huntington Beach, Ca  Competition Press & Autoweek  

Lola 190/2  CSCC Champion 71-75
D9300. Weaver, Giles.  CSCC Champion 71-75 Except 74(unraced).
2nd SoPac Natis. 75. Beautiful,  ready to win more.  Much spares.  
Trailer.  Bargain. $7000.  A.E. "Tony" Russell.  Ventura, CA
Autoweek 2/14/1976  

Lola 190/2 Ex-Frank Gardner
Formula 5000 w/deformable structures. Complete less clutch assm.   
Bartz 560 hp eng. w/hilborn injection.  DG 300 gear box w/16 gear sets.
Spares. $7500. or trade for Formula Atlantic.  Terry Herman  Lake
Tahoe, CA   Autoweek 6/26/1976

Lola 190/2
Formula-A Bartz engine dry sump, Weber Makay, Vertex magneto, air
scoop, epoxy paint, DG 300. some spares, race ready.  May separate
$7,000 MUST GO!  Cerritos, CA     Autoweek 7/28/1978

Lola T190/192MH
Exactly as Bobby Unser & Ron Grable's Questor Grand Pix cars, very
quick with trick Bolthoff 500+ BHP engine, magnafluxed, sorted
complete $14,900. Hayes Racing Santa Ana, CA
Autoweek 5/15/1971

Lola T190-92
Bobby Unser's Questor Grand Prix Lola #38.  Like new, with extras,
$9500.  Engines available. Los Altos, Ca. Competition Press &
Autoweek  4/15/1972

Lola T190/T192
Weaver dry sump, Lucas inj. DG300, fresh Traco, fully aeroquipped,
w/spares.  Absolutely as new.  Will make arrangements for inspection
and delivery. Contact: Don Baker, Long Beach, CA.  Competition Press
& Autoweek  12/30/1972

Lola T190-192
Ron Grable's Lola extensively updated at Hayes for Questor.  First
Formula 5000, seventh overall at Questor.  Everything new except tub.  
Latest Lamar wings, low exhaust, QUICK...
Don Williams.  Sunnyvale, Calif.  Autoweek 5/15/1971

Lola T191
Steal this car. Injected Traco DG 300.  This car has a total of 5 races
since new.  $5900.  Don Bauer  Long Beach, Ca  Competition Press &
Autoweek  10/20/1973

Lola T192
Going after the the L&M Championship dollars in 1972?  The way to
go is
Brett Lunger's Quick-O-Ver Lola T192.  Mark Donohue drove the
Lola to two victories in 1970.  Then Lunger, back from a four year stint
in the Marines, took the car to third place in the 1971 L&M series
including a win at Donnybrooke. The car is ready to race - 3 engines,
complete set of spares - tow vehicle, the works.  Contact: Brett Lunger,
Competition Research & Development. Pomona, Calif.
Competition Press & Autoweek  2/12/1972

Lola T192
Fresh bartz Chevy.  Many spares.  Never raced. Roy Woods Racing.  
Northridge, Calif  Competition Press & Autoweek  2/13/1972

Lola T192
Autocomp Lola T192.  1971 national champion. Elkhart, Donnybrooke.  
Riverside leader.  Built by Skinner & Jobe  beautifully maintained by
Roy Cambell.  Bartz, Lucas.  Race ready.  
Jerry Hasen.  Beverly Hills,
CA.  Competition Press & Autoweek  4/29/1972  

Lola T192 1970
Ex-works car, Frank Gardner.  Chevy, Crower fuel injection.  DG300
and race ready. $48,000.  Newport Beach, CA  Victory Lane Magazine  

Lola T192
Formula A T192, Traco Chev. with Kinsler injection.  No races on
complete chassis and drivetrain rebuild.  For information pertaining to
condition, preparation and history.  Contact Pierre's Motors.  $12,500.  
Portland, OR  Competition Press & Autoweek  12/16/1972

Lola T192 Can-Am
1970 Ex-Frank Gardner Factory car.  Restored 1985.  Raced
HMSA,VMR,VR - 1986.  Sorted and ready for 1987.  $37,000 Brian.  
Groveland, CA. Victory Lane Magazine 6/1987

Lola T192
1971 restored w/chevy 5 liter, dry sump, Webers, triple plate clutch,
rebuilt Hewland DG300 transaxle.  Chuck Haines, Manchester, MO.
Victory Lane Magazine 12/1987

Lola T192 F.A. F5000
Complete less engine.  Lots of spares and trailer $4500.  Oil pans wet
and dry and dry sump, used and new, Chevy, Ford.  
Phil Henny
Van Nuys, CA  Autoweek  3/22/1975

Lola T192 Ex-works
Legal F5000, 4 hrs on complete car rebuild.  Injected chevy Lockheed
brakes, new chrome, paint, extensive updating.  Fastest, safest
available. Sacrifice $7800. Trade?.  
Dan Furey,  Columbus, OH
Autoweek 1/2/1975

Lola T192
Chapparel #302, ZMagneto, two races since new, first and second;  
Weber Wiseman Lokker, new rubber, rains and dry.  All mounted
magnesium wheels;  Many spares, trailer, Ex-
Jerry Hansen $13,000.  
Neenah, WI  Autoweek 8/2/1975

Lola T192
This car has been raced only one season.  Excellent record.  Fresh
and ready to race complete with super motor. Carl Haas
Highland Park, IL. Competition Press & Autoweek  12/7/1974

Lola T-192
Formula 5000, Mark Donohue's chapter about car in his book.  Traco
kinsler injection.  Restore as Classic or run ASR.  Many Spares.  Asking
$11,000.  Gordon Close.  Lombard, ILL  Autoweek 12/8/1980

Lola T192
Parting out.  Long wheelbase, Tub never bent, All parts good.
Al Grando.  Oshawa Canada Autoweek 5/5/1980

Lola 192 F/A DG300
302 Chev.  Webers dry sump or as roller.  West coast gears, some
spares rain tires. Car cover, fresh paint  Offers  Ron Wipperman  
Castro Valley, CA  Autoweek 3/19/1977

T192 Lola
June Sprints Winner, with or without motor, Full spares, $4500. or offers
Dean Vetrock  Racine, WI  Autoweek 5/20/1977  note: ad also 1976

Lola T192 F/A
Clean, fast, Weber carbs, needs some engine work, spares include
suspension parts, radiators, tires, body, brakes, shocks and more.  
$4500.  Dave Robertson  Autoweek 1/27/1978

Lola 192 Formula 5000
Only one race on fresh 305 engine.  Mounted Goodyear slicks, rains,
spare.  Many spare pats.  Strong and ready to race.  $5900.
Joe Fermanich   Appleton, WI  Autoweek  1/6/1978

Lola T192 FA
Completely fresh for Atlanta, very fast, clean, mounted rains and slicks,
air box, spare clutch.  Nose suspension, everything needed for A 1st
class Team, $8250.  
B.J. Swanson.  Briston, ID   Autoweek 12/7/1974
Photo of car when Rick Vendl drove it in the summer of 1974

Lola 192F/A
Fresh engine, paint, suspension check.  DG300 gearbox.  New slicks.  
Large trailer. Car is race ready.  Delivery arranged. $5900.
Bob Smith.  Autoweek 2/28/1976

Lola T192 Bob Bondurant Questor GP
New for Bob Bondurant in Questor GP-only 3 races run - zero hours on
complete chassis rebuild and new Competition Development Lucas
injected engine Knock-offs-Formula 1 system - many spares - also
special trailer.  Ex-
Eric Haga car.  Jim Matuska    Seattle, WA  
Competition Press & Autoweek  6/2/1973

Lola T192 ARRC Winner
Lola T192, newest in U.S., raced 5 times; with or without fresh Bart
engine, Kinsler injected, DG300; spare rimes, tires, gears, nose; never
off course; absolutely mint condition and ready to race.  Will consider
selling truck, trailer and car for right price.  Mike Dopudja.  Denver
Colo. Competition Press & Autoweek  10/2/1971

FA-1971 Lola T192
Like new.  Never hurt.  Rolling cassis, 2-bodies, 9-wheels, 12 tires,
spare, upright, supports, shocks, 3-radiators and more. Plus 18' trailer.  
All for $4500. Michael Dean Bowers.  Loveland, CO Competition Press
& Autoweek  5/18/1974

T-192 Lola
USAC SCCA Legal $5895.  Randolph Johnson  Suitland, MD   
Autoweek  9/21/1974

Lola T192 FA/5000
many spares, with or without motor. $7500. Make offer, car must go!  
Dean Vetrock.   Racine, WI  Autoweek 7/3/1976

Lola T192
6 races since new. Ready to race with rebuilt Bartz Kinsler injection,
spare nose, 6 spare rims, with new Goodyears. $12,000.  Enclosed
trailer $1,000.  
Jack Eiteljorg.  Englewood, CO
Competition Press & Autoweek  9/2/1972

Lola T192 ex-factory
Ex-factory car, deformables, very fast and reliable, custom made full
front wing, adjustable t-332 rear, spares, $6000. w/fuel injected Rodyne
engine, $4500. as roller. trailer available  Randy Dana, Columbus, OH
Autoweek April 24, 1976

Lola T192 F/A
Near new rolling chassis with many high dollar extras. $4850. Bill Harris
at Blue Eagle Racing.  West Sacramento, CA. Autoweek April 24, 1976

Lola T192
Race ready with fuel injected.  Covered trailer, spares.  Just rebuilt.  
New Chassis tub.  $9800. takes all.   Charlie Hayes Santa Ana, Calif.  
Competition Press & Autoweek  7/7/1973

Lola T192
Team for sale.  Latest series totally rebuilt, unraced since.  Complete
with spare chassis tub,  nosecone, wheels (6).  Rains, Covered trailer
worth at least $2000. alone. Take the works for $9800. or will separate
but its really a good buy complete.  Fuel injected Bolthoff installed, this
car is ready to win in club races and will still make you money in the
L&M series.  W.B. LeFave  Santa Ana, CA.   Competition Press &
Autoweek  6/9/1973

Lola T192
Traco Checy/Kinsler injection. #99 Prepared new for 1972 Continental.  
never raced due to lack of sponsorship.  Guaranteed finest "A" car
available at any price.  Must sell at best offer over $9,000.
Stoddard.  Seattle, WA   Competition Press & Autoweek  1/20/1972

Lola T192
Nappi Racing offers Frank Gardners European Championship Car #42.
This T192 is completely re-done and comes with enough spares to
build another car plus three engines.  Rockford, IL  Competition Press
& Autoweek  9/2/1972  

Lola T192
spares, rain tires, many gearsets.  $7500. less engine,  Also available,
two Bolthoff engines.  Both fresh.  Special package deal.  Trades
Gregg Peterson.   Sunnyvale, CA.  Competition Press &
Autoweek  12/30/1972

Lola T192
To be sold as parts. 3 good corners. repairable Monocoque, 10 rains
and dry tires mounted, misc spares trailer.  $2500. takes all.
Peterson.   Sunnyvale, CA.  Competition Press & Autoweek  7/7/1973
Note: see ad above.

Lola T192
Race ready $13,500.  Trailer $1200. extra engine less injection $3000.  
Package of spares included 4 corners of suspension, 22 sets of DG300
gears, extra body and misc. spares $6000.  Package price $18,000.  
Performance Development & Racing(Lola dealer).  Denver, Colo.  
Competition Press & Autoweek  1/1/1972

Lola T192
Clean, fast, Weber carbs, needs some engine work, spares include
suspension parts, radiators, tires, body, brakes, shocks and more
$4500./offers  Elgin, IL Autoweek 2/3/1978

Lola T192
Formula 5000.  Only one race on fresh 305 engine.  Mounted
Goodyear slicks, rains, spare.  Many spare parts.  Strong and ready to
race.  $5900. Appleton, WI  Autoweek 1/20/1978

Lola T192
Formula A, Ex-Jerry Hansen, clean car.  Chevy with Webers, full roll
cage, fire system. Asking $7500. Willow Springs, IL
Autoweek 6/4/1979

Lola T192
Fresh Bartz chev. Many spares.  Never raced.  Roy Woods Racing
Northridge, Calif.  Competition Press & Autoweek  4/1/1972

Lola T192
Complete and in absolute new condition.  LeMar 2 slot wing.  
Bolthoff/Gene Crowe 508bhp.  Lucas injected engine, some spares.  
This car will win $$$ in 1972!  $13,900. trades considered. Motor
Racing Equipment. Santa Ana Calif.  Competition Press & Autoweek  

Lola T192-2
Wawrick Browns Tasman Car. many spares.  Super "V" mini Indy Sports
car nose, engine, fresh Legrand wheels, new trans axle, w/wo trailer
and spares. $3500. Tucson, AZ  Autoweek 6/4/1979

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