Watkins Glen July
9-10-11 1976
My Formula 5000
Lola T140/142
1960's & 1970's classified ads appearing in
various publications
Lola T140 1968
New never raced, complete with LG600 gearbox bellhousing.  Oil
coolers and fabroid ends, aeroquipped fitting but less engine.  Hector
Schieffer  Dearfield, Illinois   Competition Press & Autoweek 1970

Lola T140 FA/5000
Chassis #5  Total rebuild, small block chevy, LG600, webers, Smiths,
original proper bodywork and some spares.  Pristine condition. Asking
$42,500.  Alex Pollinello  Markham, Ontario
Victory Lane Magazine 1991

Lola T140
305 cid, 400hp, 48 IDA webers, 10" & 17" mounted rains & drys, fuel
cell, 3rd NeDiv. 1972 Legal.  Business venture forces sale, Trades
considered, will separate.  Bing Sherer.  Buffalo, NY Competition Press
& Autoweek  12/9/1972

Lola T140 #10 F/5000
1968, restored as original, new body, windscreen, plus many other new
parts, S/B Chev., LG600 Hewland.  Also Lola T140 roller. Lou Pavesi  
Los Altos, CA  Victory Lane Magazine 6/1989

Lola 140
Rare restored 1968 Lola 140 Formula 5000.  302 Chev. Webers
LG-600.  Wings fast competitive proven winner.  Spares $20,000. or
best offer.  John Raecker.  Littleton, CO  Autoweek 12/8/1980

Lola  T140+
Latest modifications.  LeMar wing.  New dry wet tires.  Aluminum Konis,
seven gear changes, fresh super-good engine.  Spares.  Less than
nine hours total.  Dick Jacobs Waukegan, IL. Competition Press &
Autoweek  9/16/1969

Lola T-140
Ready to race with new engine, new exhaust, new wing.  Completely
race prepared.  Will deliver immediately anywhere in USA.  Total price
$8750. or $5500. without engine and transmission.
John Gunn Miami, FL.  Competition Press & Autoweek  10/11/1969

Lola T-140 F/A
White, No. 99 from Continental Championship.  All latest equipment,
reinforced wing, An Fabroid aircraft fittings. 10-16" wheels.  New
engine, race ready.  $6950.  John Mahler,  Bettendorf, Iowa  
Competition Press & Autoweek  11/1/1969

Lola-Chinook Formula A
Ford powered, 5-speed, spare tires, gears, etc.  Fully prepared and
ready to race.  Must sell or trade for Formula B.  Brain A. Weightman,  
Ontario, Canada  Competition Press & Autoweek  5/29/1971

Lola F/A Type 140
For American GP Championship races.  Complete new car designed by
Lola for this series.  Priced complete with Hewland LG gear box, bell
housings, exhaust, all fittings, etc. less engine, only $9400.  For
Immediate delivery,  Haas Auto importer  Chicago, Ill   Competition
Press & Autoweek  7/6/1968

Lola Formula "A"
Imaculate preparation most successful & consistent Lola in Grand Prix
series, third in points for the season behind two Eagles.  Traco Chevy 5
speed, all Aeroquip fabroids, Koni Aluminum shocks.  Firestone fuel
cells, wide wheels, etc.  This car cost $18,000. to prepare , will sell for
Bob Brown  Huntington, NY   Competition Press & Autoweek  

Lola Formula A
Traco engine, 5 speed, driven by Jerry Hansen in the pro Formula
series.  A front row qualifier in every race entered.  This is one of the
finest Formula A cars racing today.  This car is  100% prepared by
Scotty Beckett.   Oseid Carlson Racing  Rockford, IL  Competition Press
& Autoweek  12/7/1968

F/A Lola T140
Driven by Hank Candler & maintained by John Baker.  Car ready to
race today with choice of Barz dry sump or Bartz wet sump or Z-28, also
Hewland LG600.  Goodyears & many spares.  Car holds lap record at
CDR.  John Barker,  Denver, CO.  Competition Press & Autoweek  

FA Lola T140
New chassis, Fabroid throughout, completely aligned to specs.  New
LG600, with or without Bartz.  Aluminum Konis, Aeroquip, Extended roll
bar, race ready.  David Pabst,  Oconomowoc, Wisc.  Competition Press
& Autoweek  5/24/1969

Formula "A" Lola T140
Traco engine, Borg and Beck clutch, 300 hours, preparation for
Continental Championship.  Only 73 miles, many spares. No time to
race.  Bill Moore  Ponca City, Okla.  Competition Press & Autoweek  
6/14/1969    Also ad 10/11/1969  $10,000.

F/A Lola T140
Car ready to race with choice of Bartz dry sump or wet sump Z-28 also
Hewland LG600, Goodyears and some spares.  First $10,000 take it.  
Will sell separately,
Jack Eiteljorg  Denver, CO  Competition Press &
Autoweek  6/21/1969 also 12/28/1968

Lola T140 F.A.
Complete except L.F. corner  damaged.  305 Traco, Webers, LG600,
new rubber, trailer, many spares. Make offer for all or part. Bob
Simmons  Brilliant, OH  Autoweek  6/30/1977

Lola T140
Injectors, aeroquipt, Freon, wing many spares, trailer: $4250. Randy
Blessing  Lakeland FL  Competition Press & Autoweek  5/26/1973

Lola T140
F/A , fresh eng, LG600, new tires, ex. wheels, tires, heads, cam, etc. as
new car sure money maker $5500. Eric's Competition Mtrs.  Spokane,
WA Competition Press & Autoweek  1/30/1971

Lola T140
Formula A  Many modifications, fire extinguisher system, tires, wheels,
with enclosed trailer.  Waterloo, IA Autoweek 8/14/1976

Lola T140
T140 updated to T142.  Fresh Chevy engine, 4 spare wheels, rain
tires.  Spare gears, SCCA roll bar, enclosed trailer.  Must see. $6995.  
James Stevens.  Dearborn, MI  Competition Press & Autoweek  

Lola T140
F/A first in class T140 updated to T142.  In concours condition. Asking
$5500. or will trade for Trans-Am or boat.  Milwaukee, WI  Competition
Press & Autoweek  4/17/1971

Lola T142
New engine, new gearbox, latest tires.  One of the fastest T142's in
country.  Qual. 5th Kent Continental 1st oa at Kent National.  This is a
very impressive car.  Bruce Kearsley  Bellevue, WA   Competition Press
& Autoweek  5/6/1972

Lola T142
Ser#SL 142/38.  1968, 1969 Canadian F/A Championship winner,
finished 3rd 1970 SCCA F5000 championship, full restoration by
Backer Racing 1994.  Hewland LG600,, 302 Chevy, 500+ HP,
outstanding car, fully sorted with spares package, rains etc, track
support available, interesting road or race trades considered.
$60,000.  Belleville, Ontario Victory Lane Magazine 5/1996

Lola (T142?)
Immaculate.  Traco, viad, Borg & Beck, super wing, strengthened
suspension.  Sensibly priced. Reliable club or local continental car.  
Len Guneau.  Redondo Beach, CA  Competition Press & Autoweek  

Lola T142
Fast, reliable.  MidDiv champ 1970, 1971, 45 points in 1972.  $1400. in
spares, Latest Goodyear slicks, rains, webers, LG600,  Fresh engine.  
$5200.  Brad Blankensnip,  Indianapolis, IN  Competition Press &
Autoweek  11/21/1972

Lola T142
F/5000.  Fresh dry sump engine, webers, Carrillo, Aeroquip, LG600.  
Air Scoop and FIA wing.  Price includes trailer and some spares.
Excellent Regional and National car.  D&A Racing.  Oakland, CA  
Competition Press & Autoweek  12/9/1972

Lola T142
1968-69 Ex-Bob Sharp back up car, 3 hrs. from new, dead original
including paint. Traco 355 Chevy, 550 hp. LG600, all fresh.  Race
ready.  $65,000. Jerry Bensinger.  Ringoes, NJ
Victory Lane Magazine  2/1989

Lola T142 F-5000
LG600 Hewland, trailer, spares, Webbers, Aeroquipped, Goodyears,
Carillo rods, new roller cam timing gears, pistons, valves, Ex-
Florence.  $4200. Dick Thymian  Seattle Wash. Autoweek 3/15/1975

Lola T-142 F-5000
Great for A/SR.  Fire system, eleven gear sets, eight wheel, with drys,
rains, strong Chevy engine.  First place 1980 Detroit Autorama.  Clean
and fast.  $6800. Edward M. Munay.  Farmington, MI.
Autoweek 2/25/1980

Lola T142
Traco Chev, new Campbell wing, aeroquip lines, spare wheels, tires.  
De-bugged, yet one of few unwrecked Lolas.  $8000. complete or
$5500. less engine.  Richard B. Negley,  San Antonio, TX  Competition
Press & Autoweek  11/22/1969

Lola T142
New, never raced, beautiful Ferrari red, aluminum radiator, Forg and
Beck clutch, fabulous 500 C&T Eng, Chevy fuel injection, dry sump,
Diamond drive, Reath C.B. Crank, every goodie available with special
trailer, Over $17,000. invested.  Will sacrifice.  C.L. Phillips. Palos Park,
ILL.  Competition Press & Autoweek  8/16/1969

Lola T142 F-A
302 Z-28 Chev.  LG600 Hewland transaxle, spare parts, good
condition. $4500. consider trade for A-Sedan Camaro  
Chris H. Korntved  Weaverville, CA  Autoweek 10/14/1977

Lola/Chevy F-5000
Best T-142 in the country.  Rebuilt throughout, new fabroids, etc.  
Fresh Al Bartz engine.  Have full history of car.  Never Bent.  Many
spares.  Must Sell  $5850.  Dan Harper  Eureka, CA  Autoweek

Lola F5000 T142
Completely race ready.  Immaculate condition.  New paint, chrome,
body and parts.  Spares include wheels, tires, gears, suspension bits.  
Also available Lola T300.  George Jeffrey Davis. Toronto, Canada.  
Autoweek  8/31/1974  

Lola F-5000 T142
Chevy Lola T142, engine needs rebuilt.  Spare parts, too numerous to
mention.  Beautiful condition. $3500.   John Stinsmen   Allentown, PA  
Autoweek 12/7/1974

Lola T142 F5000
Chevy 305. Dry sump, Webers, Carillo, Avaid LG600. Phoenix fire
system.  Race Ready.  Offers.  
Don Inferrera  Autoweek  9/1973.
Autoweek 11/23/1974  $4500.  Will separate Autoweek 12/28/1974.

Lola T142
Probably nicest in country.  Bartz engine, Webers, Weaver sump
system, spare short block, etc.  Wet Goodyears on Donahue rims.  
Must sell $5500. WiIliam Schmitt, Frankenmuth, MI Autoweek 6/3/1976

Lola Formula 5000 T142, T300
Both cars complete or roller.  Body moulds and many spares.  Will
Accept trades.  Best offer.
Horst Kroll  Ontario, Canada.  Autoweek
4/10/1976 also 12/7/1974 Lola T142 $6840.  Lola T300 $11.500.

Lola T142
Chassis new 1970.  Best of everything, double adjustabel aluminum
Konis, aeroquipped, Weaver, Bartz, Jackson F/1, trick exhaust, spare
wheels, tires, 17 gear sets, etc.  No DNF's in 1970.  Guaranteed race
ready.  $6500. Pete Sherman,  Ashton, Md.  Competition Press &
Autoweek  3/13/1971

Lola T142
very sanitary. Ex-Chuck Dietrich.  On ARRC pole 1969, last race.  
Traco Chevy, LG 600, quilted seat, aluminum radiator; spare wheels
and gears.  Spare engine if wanted.  Carl Hogan, Hogan Racing.  St
Louis, MO  Competition Press & Autoweek  5/29/1971

Lola T142 Ex-Weitzes
Immaculate condition  Fresh Performance Engineering 304 Chev.
Loads of wheels, tires, ratios, spares.  Includes GMC drive in
transporter. $8900. Tony Simms.  Ontario, Canada.  Competition Press
& Autoweek  3/6/1971

Lola T142
Winner 1970 ARRC.  New trick 305 Chevy, Freshened after ARRC,
brand new, mounted dry and wet Goodyears.  Loads of spared,
Webers, fuel injected, gears, etc.  Buy this immaculate, ready to race
winner. Royal Dodge Inc., Alvin, TX
Competition Press & Autoweek  3/6/1971
Competition Press & Autoweek  1/30/1971 Seller David Heinz, Tampa
FL. $7950.

Lola T142
100 Miles from everything new, LG600 with five spare ratios, Hayes
race program and chassis alignment, mild Z28 engine with Webers,  
trailer $8000. Keith Saunders, Albuquerque, NM
Competition Press & Autoweek  8/22/1970

Lola T142
Just dropped price on T142 Lola, race ready, all suspension completely
magnifluxed.  This is a proven car which I will help you learn. $7900.
Bud Morley, Denver Colo.  Competition Press & Autoweek  8/22/1970
Also 9/27/1969

Lola T142
Race ready Chev. 305 with Webers and Jackson F.I. Tons of spares.  
Ten wheels and tires.  Fully enclosed metal tandem trailer and special
bodied '68 Chev. 1 ton truck with 4-speed and air.  Business
commitments force sale. Complete Continental Series package $10,950.
or will separate Dave Heinz Tampa, FL.
Competition Press & Autoweek 8/22/1970

Lola T142
Less motor, 2nd CenDiv points 72, fastest T142 in US.  Aluminum
radiator, aluminum Koni's, LG600. FIA wing, wheels, slicks.  Grid third
72 ARRC.  Ahead of T300's  $4200.
Roger Bighouse
Mayfield Hts. OH. Competition Press & Autoweek  1/201972

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