Watkins Glen July
9-10-11 1976
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Formula A & Formula 5000
Old classified ads appearing in various
Preditor Formula A
Fresh 500hp Ford.  Avaid dry sump. Allen cells, Mione brakes, dual
plate clutch, new paint, 72 specs.  Some spares, body mold's, trailer
available.  Larry Yates,  Santa Clara, CA  Competition Press &
Autoweek  11/11/1972  

Just completed, simi monocoque tube. Built Z-28, two ZF boxes,
Webers w/scoo[p, aero 3 plate, dry.  Eagle brakes/wheels, alloy Koni,
Heims, 4130 suspension completely adjustable, big radiators. Allen
cells.  Los Angeles, CA Competition Press & Autoweek  6/1/1974

F-5000 Formula America
AF101 1974 Trico drysump, fuel injected, fully aeroquip.  Spare parts,
gears too numerous too list.  Easy Cam-Am conversion $9500.
Joe Schultz  Buena Park, CA  Autoweek  4/16/1977

Beautiful handling, Olds V8, Webers, roller cam, Schiefer, Moldex,
Chassis eng. wheels, etc.  Spares available $5500. Jack Milliken.  
Studio City, Calif Competition Press & Autoweek  6/22/1968

Formula A E.D.P. Special
302 Chevy, Webers, Fabrois, Firestone fuel cells, Wings and spats,  
Double adjustable Koni shocks, 10" and 15 1/2" mags.  finished in
money last three pro races.  Perfect stater for Jomula racing or
beginner.  $6995.  E.D.P. Enterprises, Mamaroneck, NY  Competition
Press & Autoweek  10/26/1969

Formula A car.
Quitting racing, wrecked Formula A car, complete with all spares, trailer,
tires, etc.  Engine and trans-axle okay.  Can be rebuilt.  Would be good
school car. Gene Wilbanks  Los Alamos, NM Competition Press &
Autoweek  9/7/1974  
This car might have been a Unser-Lotus.  Won a
National at Fort Sumner in 10/10/1971

Formula A
1964 Rob Walker F/1 car, will accept V8 engine.  Fully adjustable
suspension.  Complete less engine and gearbox. $2100.  
John McCornack.  Kennewick, Wash.
Competition Press & Autoweek  4/12/1969

Formula A Car
Unbeaten for last two seasons in England is orrered for sale at
$10,500.  Tubular chassis Ford LG500 4 speed 10' and 12' rims.  
Michael G. Brodie  Mill Valley, Calif.  
Competition Press & Autoweek  12/28/1968

F5000 USAC Champ Car.
Gilbert-Brabham 305 Chevy, Webers, many spares, Never crashed,
Great club car or Pro Series.  $7800. w/trailer. Chuck Elliott,  Manhattan
Beach, CA  Autoweek  12/7/1974

Road racing car, full monocoque chassis, bonded, riveted, autoclaved.  
Aircraft honeycomb bulkhead-stressed 302 ci Chevy-Hewland trans
axle.  Utilizes Lola suspension, steering, brakes, nose, section.  F.I.A.
Legal wings.  heat-treated 4130 suspension.  Very light, rigid, potential
winner.  Shortage of funds forces sale. Pierce Racing.  Halesite, L.I. NY
Competition Press & Autoweek  1/30/1971

F/A Prototype
New unraced.  Complete with Traco Olds engine.  Sponsorship
withdrawal fores sale.  This car is available at a ridiculous low price.  
Make offer.  Chassis Engineering.  National City, CA
Autoweek 9/8/1973  

Brabham Formula A
1965 F/1 chassis, fresh rebuild on 302 Chevy. LG500 trans, 8" & 10"
wheels.  Might separate.  Ready to race. $4150/offer with trailer.
Don Inferrera.  Oakland, Calif. Competition Press & Autoweek  

Chevron Classified Page
Chinook Mk8
Chinook Mk8 F/A, 302 Ford - ZF box - fuel cells - some spares.  $4295.
Rocky Mountain Winkelmann,  Lakewood, Colo. Competition Press &
Autoweek  2/1972

Formula A. Best Ford engine available with carbs and/or injection,
five-speed gearbox, many spares.  Fully prepared and ready to race.  
$6000.  Brain Weightman, Weston, Ontario-Canada.  Competition
Press & Autoweek  10/31/1970  
Photo   (same person selling same car
a couple of ads below)

New complete rolling chassis semi monoque chassis never raced, less
engine, fuel cells, transmission, make an offer.  Harvey Craig. (Don
Mason 1/12/72)  Ont. Canada.  Competition Press & Autoweek  

Chinook (Lotus 70)
Formula 5000 car.  Ford Boss 302, inline Autolites, Hewland LG500.  
Spare case for the Hewland, spare Boss 302, some suspension spares.
$65,000.  Mike Knittel, Syracuse, NY.  Victory Lane Magazine 6/1990

Chinook Mk6
Formula A-A.  Only 6 races since delivered July '69.  Fully sorted and
ready to race.  Business forces sale.  Full price $7800. complete with
spares.  Brain Weightman, Weston, Ontario-Canada.  Competition
Press & Autoweek  11/29/1969

Chinook LD-1
chassis, Lola suspension, Hewland LG-600 5-speed trans. 289 ford
engine with 4 weber carbs, other extras Elmira, NY
Autoweek 7/28/1978   (
note: car entered, Watkins Glen 1976)

Cooper F/A
V8, ex-team car, spaghetti exhaust, very fast, latest Firestones.  CenDiv
leader, new car forces sale.  WIde mags, 6-speed Colotti, beautiful
condition, photos available, Ton Jones Rocky River, Oh  Competition
Press & Autoweek  3/20/1968

Cooper Formula A
Cooper Formula 1, Ex-Brabham team car, 3-liter Ansen Chevy engine.  
5-speed Copper-Knight transmission.  Spares, trailer and everything
like new.  Trade for anything.  Make your own deal.  Clint Cavin  Little
Rock, Ark.  Competition Press & Autoweek  3/23/1968

Cooper FA Climax Engine
New wide Firestone tires, extra mag wheels. Car is in good condition.  
Finished second Midwest division.  $2000. or trade considered.  
Richard G. Wilson.  Mission, Kansas
Competition Press & Autoweek  12/14/1968

Cooper F/A Ferrari 2.5
Ferrari 2.5 liter engine.  Knight gearbox with spare ratios.  Excellent
finish record.  Ideal car for transition to big bore Formula racing. $2850.
Walt Mathewson, Campbell, Calif.  Competition Press & Autoweek  

Cooper T90
Formula A National Champion. w/honest 455hp or 506 California hp
Chev., LG600 .  Completely rebuilt, magnaflux certification, long spares
list, with custom trailer,  
Peter Rehl.  Easton Conn. Competition Press &
Autoweek  1/30/1971

Cooper Formula A
Formula A Chevy Cooper  Ready to race, wife sez 'IT WILL BE SOLD'
$3000. includes delivery to your door-will consider separation.
Tom Masterson   Competition Press & Autoweek  7/14/1973

Cooper F5000
F5000 for FV price. Former national champion, excellent, 10
wheels/tires, wing, spares, molds, roller $1950. with fresh hewland
$2450. Trades considered Nick Engles,  Bethel Park, PA
Autoweek 8/14/1976

Crossle F/A
Complete with 390hp Shelby 289 engine.  Webers, Sullivan cam, etc.  
Hewland LG501 gearbox, 96" wheelbase, Girling AR calipers, 9-1/2"
6-bolt wheels.  This car built from the ground up for 5-liter engine.  
Holds six track records in Ireland.  The only really sorted F/A car in
U.S., in mint condition, now on display. $7995.  Fred Opert Racing
Enterprises, Paramus, NJ  Competition Press & Autoweek  1/6/1968

Crossle 10F F/A
289 Ford, Indy crank and exhaust, double plate clutch, Webers, LG500
$3000. w/out fuel cell.  $3500. with cell installed.  Michael Wiemicki.
Trumansborg, NY Competition Press & Autoweek  3/6/1971

Crossle F/A Type 15
Available for deliver 6 weeks.  Complete new design for this series,
moncocoque chassis, fuel cells, etc.  Price complete with Hewland gear
box, exhaust, tires, less engine.  $7500. Rene Racing Design.
Langhorne, PA   Competition Press & Autoweek  7/6/1968
photo 12/1968

Eagle Classified Page


USAC F/A Eisert
Late style Eisert chassis, L.G. 500 gearbox, Halibrand, etc. spare
nose.  $8500.  Sunnyvale, Calif. Competition Press & Autoweek  

Formula A Ex-5000-Eisert
Eisert (roller) completely updated and sorted.  3 noses 2 rear wings ans
air box.  fits small block Chevrolet with DG-300.  Too many spares to
list.  $2500. Hunter Harris  West Sacramento, CA  Autoweek 4/30/1977

F/A USAC Eisert
1968 Eisert completely rebuilt by John Barker.  Ready to race today
with choice of engines, Hewland, Firestones, and many spares.  Car
featured in all major magazines.  John Barker Denver, Colo.
Competition Press & Autoweek  4/6/1969

Eisert Wedge 1969
1969 Wedge - -USAC or A car.  Built by Eisert.  305 Chevy injected.
Must sacrifice.  Magnaflux papers available for USAC.  Make offer.  
Stew McMillen.  Johnsburg, ILL.  Competition Press & Autoweek  

Eisert 1969
1969 F/A-USAC.  Fresh Weaver dry sump Bartz engine, LG600, 10 and
14" rims, 9 and 12" rims, spare body, trailer and many many spares.  
Ready to race with wing and spoilers.  Delivered almost anywhere in
USA.  Will sell separately, will consider trade.  Jack Eiteljorg.  
Castlerock, Colo. Competition Press & Autoweek  9/20/1969

Eisert F-A
USAC chassis (monocoque) Latest wedge design.  Less engine,
gearbox $4250.  Complete Wellake Ford engine  and parts.  Complete
Hewland LG600 gearbox, 50 misc gears sets for LG $30. each, misc.
tires, injectors small block.  Ford and Chevy parts, McLaren MK2
suspensions pieces.  Must sell everything... Salinas CA. Competition
Press & Autoweek  7/7/1973

Eisert F-5000
1969  New motor, Webers, clutch.  Fresh DG300.  USAC suspension.  
Spares.  Never Wrecked, Excellent vintage or F51 eligble. $9000. or
trades.  Monterey, CA   Autoweek 12/15/1978

New 1970 Eisert
Formula A, brand new 1970 Eisert Wedge.  Front and rear wings,
polished wheels, Eagle windshield, foam bags absolutely complete with
all lines and tanks,  Varley battery, never run, less engine and trans,
$7500. Jim Busbey  Newport beach, Calif.  Competition Press &
Autoweek 12/20/1969

Fischetti F5000
1972 completely restored, LG500, 305, Webers, with or without motor.
For sale or trade.  Mike McComus, Pamba, TX
Victory Lane Magazine 8/1989

FA 101 Formula 5000
76 legal, built 1973, ready to run, never bent, Webers, DG600, many
spares, wheels, suspension, body molds, trailer also 460 hp fresh
Robert Fischetti,  Redondo Beach, CA.
Autoweek 4/10/1976   

F/A LeGrand Wedge #88
New fresh strong reliable Chev - legal roll bar- candy apple red, gold
priced to sell new LeGrand pro car ordered, trailer, deliver West.  Gene
Forsthofel,  Overland Park, Kan.  Competition Press & Autoweek  

Leda 1971 F-5000
Type 20-1 chassis 102, fresh Bartz 5 litre Chevy, Carrillos, Webers,
Hewland DG 300 5-speed, Monocoque chassis, in CA, spares $54,900.
Chuck Haines St. Louis, MO  Victory Lane Magazine 9/1992

Leda LT25
Ready to race.  Bartz chevy-lots of spares.  Trade for street car or
make offer.  Must sell now looking for transporter?  Phil Henny  Van
Nuys, CA Competition Press & Autoweek  6/29/1974

LeGrand Classified Page

Lola Classified Page

Lotus Classified Page
March F-5000
5-Litre Can-Am coupe, March F-5000 Chassis.  GTP style body.  Many
spares available. Could be converted to street use.  Trailer included,
Delivery possible.  Race ready. $12,500. Iowa  Autoweek 4/22/1985

March 73a
F/5000, complete, many spares, new wing, nose, shocks, deformable
structures.  $9000.  Bill Tempero,  Ft. Collins, CO Autoweek 3/15/1975

F-5000 March
F-5000 Orange March, less engine, for sale or trade.  Autumn Racing
Santa Ana, CA  Autoweek 3/19/1977

March Formula 5000
John Cannons latest car, 3 race old.  4th place at Riverside.  This
superb competitive race car is for sale complete with spares, wheels,
noses and wings, etc.  Can be purchased with or without Allan Smith
engine.  Unused since overhaul at Derby.  
John Cannon. Los Angeles,
CA  Autoweek 1/10/1976

Complete F5000 Racing Team for sale
Includes, 1 March 73A, Surtees TS-11 with spare tub. 1 Surtees
TS-8.  Numerous wheel and spares for all cars including chassis jig  
Three sets gears and gear box spares.  Five fuel injected Chevy
engines. Pit equipment, etc.  We don't have the money to race next
year.  Make an offer for all or part.
Gus Hutchison  Dallas, TX  

March 741/A
Formula 5000 immaculate condition.  Last raced 1976 F5000
SCCA/USCA.  Race ready, very competitive.  Spare noses, wings,
wheels, tub, suspension, gears. $13,5000.  with fresh engine.  George
Jeffrey Davie. Ontario, Canada  Autoweek 1/20/1978

March 76A
F5000 One race from new, completely rebuilt. good Can Am
conversion, race ready, Offers Adrian, MI  Autoweek 9/9/1977
Also in Autoweek 12/18/1976 asking $15,000. roller

March F-5000
Excellent condition, professionally prepared for  the 1977 F-5000 series
which was later cancelled.  Complete with new Chevy and spares.
$9999. MI Autoweek 1/20/1978

Marnita F-5000
Professionally built from GT-40 parts.  Has, and can beat cars costing
thousands more for thousands less.  Many spares, 5-speed.    
Competitive regionals, nationals.  Best offer Bill Schwieger Glenwood IL.
Competition Press & Autoweek  2/24/1973
McKee F5000
1969 McKee F5000 roller tube frame.  Hewland LG600, bell housing,
no clutch, magnesium racing wheels, Firestone racing tires, oil and
transmission coolers, brakes, half shafts, gauges,etc.  Set up for small
block chevy.  In good condition. 25k Steve Cole, Sparks, NV  
Victory Lane Magazine 3/1994

McKee F/A
LG600 roller, disassembled.  American's. 2 noses $2500. Charlie.  
Hamilton, OH Autoweek 6/19/1976

McKee Mk8
Formula A, 302 Chevy, Webers, LG600.  Lots of good spares.  Nose,
radiators, rims, tires, gears, brakes, $3700.  Keith Hardy  Denver, CO
Competition Press & Autoweek  5/6/1972

McKee Mk8
Immaculate race-ready.  Have more fun for less.  302 Chevy LG 600,
new rubber, 11 wheels and tires, many spares.  Professionally
maintained by team Nappi.  First offer over $5000.
Dunkel Racing.
Competition Press & Autoweek  11/21/1970   

McKee Mk12
1969 Mckee Mk12 F/A.  Larmar wing, extra wheels and tires, top quality
workmanship.  A strong competitive car.  Never crashed.  Leaving
Formula racing.  Less engine, transaxle.  Richard C. DeJarid.  Joliet, IL.
Competition Press & Autoweek  2/28/1970

McKee Mk12B
Like new  fresh fuel inj engine Wedge body 9 low wing Koni shocks,
Light weight, extremely competitive, spares wheels, gears, ready to
race and deal.  D. Finlayson  Schaumburg, IL  Competition Press &
Autoweek  5/26/1973

F/A McKee 12C
10 wheels, 14 tires, spare,  ratios, wings, brakes, clutch, shock, show
display. 4000 lb. trailer, surge brakes, rack.  Delivered $6000. Min best
offer by Feb. 1974.  Tony Kestian  Berwyn, IL  
Autoweek 1/19/1974

McKee Mark 12C
Formula A, Ex Armco steel car, 302 Chev., Webers, LG600, dry sump,
all Aeroquip, dual safety breakers, fire system, slicks, mounted rains,
gears, spares, power Brute clutch, stainless steel chassis, super
tandem axle trailer/hudraulic surge brakes.  Donald E Maagd  Lansing,
MI  Autoweek 10/14/1977

McKee Mk12C
Team Nappi racing offers Kurt Reinold's McKee Mk12C F/A.  This much
modified F/A was quickest at Atlanta.  The car is unbeatable in
Nationals and a consistent Continental finisher.  Two dry sump pumps,
over $3,000. worth of Hewland spares alone. Others to numerous to
describe. Asking $8500. Team Nappi Racing,  Rockford, IL  Competition
Press & Autoweek  3/13/1971

McKee MK12D F/A
Fresh, strong Chevy 302.  Carillo, Weaver, Webers, Stainless
suspension.  All equipment first class.  Mounted rains, drys,  
Intermediates.  Many spares, trailer w/brakes, storage. Mike Yarbrough
Riverview, FL.  Competition Press & Autoweek  6/9/1973

Mckee Mk18
1972 McKee Mk18 F5000.  Monocoque fresh injected Boltoff.  DG300.  
Dry sump, 18 ratios. Easily maintained.  Never crashed.  5 races and
chassis.  Competitive in right hands.  Rich Dejarid, Joliet, IL  
Competition Press & Autoweek  9/22/1973 also 7/6/1974

McLaren Classified Page  

McRae Classified Page

Rempel Mk1 F/A
5 sec. off F/A record with stock 289 & FB tires.  Could be very
competitive with engine & tires.  Complete $7000.  Less engine & trans.
$3500.  Jake Rempel,  Abbortsford, B.C., Canada  
Competition Press & Autoweek  10/31/1970

Scarab Formula A
Only rear engine car.  2.7-liter FPF Climax, 58mm Webers, twin ignition,
little time on complete overhaul.  Five-speed Cooper gearbox, many
spare ratios, aircraft coolers and lines, Girling discs, adjustable
Armstrongs, Halibrand knockoff's, near-new Goodyears.  Fresh blue
and white paint, many spares, arms, hub carries, shafts, pads.  $6500.  
May sell engine and gearbox separately.  Photos on request.  Also
1961 Ford pickup, set up to haul formula car with ramps and saddles.  
Dennis Suter  Playa del Rey, Calif.  Competition Press & Autoweek  
Spectre HR 1
Formula A .  Chevy engine with Weber side draft 46's.  ZF 5-speed,
legal for USAC.  
Ron Grable's 1968 Formula A Championship car.  
Walter F. Hanssen  San Mateo, Calif  Competition Press & Autoweek  

Spectre Formula A
Unbent rolling chassis, Hewland LG600 trans-axle with Chevy adaptor.
Inboard Firestone fuel cells, outboard radiators, many suspension and
body panel spares.  Best offer over $3450.  Bruce Smith
Bakerfield, CA    Competition Press & Autoweek  12/7/1974

Spectre HR-1 Formula A Prototype
Rayn Faulkner/Chevy 305 engine, ZF transaxle, extra rear wheels,
Mione, completely detailed, $12,500. Competition Press & Autoweek  

Spectre HR-1 Formula A
Spectre Racing enterprises can get you into Grand Prix Racing now.  
HR-1, wind tunnel tested wedge profile, Space-framed chassis, aircraft
fittings throughout.  Accepts Ford, Chevy, and Indy Ford engines.  
Legal for SCCA, USAC, rear radiator, Indy headers, Prototype, holds 2
track records, N.E. Division champion.  Prices on request.  
Spectre Racing Enterprises,  Belmont, Calif
Competition Press & Autoweek  12/21/1968

Surtees Classified Page

Can-am car(ex-F5000), as driven by Hunter Harris. Sell as roller or
whole. Hunter Harris TH Marketing, Costa Mesa, Ca Autoweek

Ex-Interscope Talon
Wolf Can-Am, new conversion on Ex-Interscope Talon.  Car is painted
and ready to run. Some spares.  Asking $16,500. Will talk .
Michael Brayton  Anaheim, CA  Autoweek 3/17/1980

Two Talon F/5000's Mike Brockman
Two for the price of one.  Two Talon race cars complete.  One with
brand new Falconer and Dunn 540 hp Chevy, two gear chain sets, 10
wheels, rain tires. everything needed for a full on assault.  $34,500.  
Jim Levitt or Mike Brockman  Beverly Hills, CA  Autoweek 7/10/1976

Talon Formula 5000
Driven by Chris Amon at Long Beach, complete with wings, airscoop,
headers, less engine and transmission, consider trade for Formula
Atlantic or $8,995. Rocky Moran El Monte, CA Autoweek 1/17/1976

Titan TS-9 F5000
1969 Titan TS-9 F5000 305 Chevy, Fuel Injected 5 spd, dry sump, 4 wl
trailer with built in storage.  Excellent running condition $4900. Trades
considered.  Dale Mahar, Thousand Oaks, CA Autoweek 1/26/1981

Trojan T-101 1973
Ex-Jody Scheckter.  USA L&M championship winner.  Being restored
now.  FIA forms.  Top specifications. Winner of numerous historic
races.  $60,000. John Narcisi.  England  Victory Lane Magazine.  

Trojan T-101 ex-Jody Scheckter
L&M Series Champ.  As driven by Jody Scheckter.  Also Lola T330,
used once at Pocono.  Both cars are fresh and race ready.
Taylor-Entin Racing.  Palm Springs, Ca  
photo Trojan
Competition Press & Autoweek 10/20/1973

Vulcan Formula A
Finished every race 1968.  Fresh Traco Chevy plus spares, Goodyear
fuel cells, 5-speed ZF, chassis engineering wheels, all Aeroquip, deliver
anywhere, only $8500. Steve Durst.  Elkins Park, PA
Competition Press & Autoweek 12/14/1968

Vulcan Formula A
new SA Chevy, Webers, dynoed, spare chassis and suspension and
Bladders, new double adjustable Konis, ARRC invitation 1970, Stockton
Automotive Service, Willow Grove, PA  Competition Press & Autoweek
Listed 9/22/1973 Richard Stockton, $3000.

F-5000, rolling chassis, USAC certified, as new thru out, qualified 1973
Laguna Seca F-5000 championship(#76).  $4500. or will trade for 300
shares of Westinghouse Electric Stock.  John Kuenzli  Reno, NV
Autoweek 8/31/1974

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