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1975-01-04        Who will drive the Shadow F-5000?
1975-02-15        Long Beach City Council approved F-5000
race                                  and F1---Christchurch, NZ January 19
race report
1975-03-15        SCCA, USAC Sign Agreement---Chris Amon
has                                 pruchased Jack McCormack's Talon and
will run in                             Europe---Mir will run a Lola T400 &
T332---Tasman                            Series Brown new champ
1975-03-22        Team VDS Tests Lola T4000
1975-04-31        Sam Posey will return to drive Jack
McCormicks                                 Talon
1975-08-02        Wrangler Jeans to sponsor Atlanta
race---Dan                                   Gurney had another new F-5000
car in the                                         works---Will Andretti move to
Shadow for                                             1976? Road America July
27 race report---
1975-06-07        Zandvoort, Holand May 19 race
report---Pocono                                June 1 race report