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1971-01-30        Questor to sponser non-championship
race                                        between F1-F5000---Former McLaren
engine                                     builder George Bolthoff's opens his
own engine                                  shop---Fewer races less money in
F5000                                            European Championship
1971-03-06        Sydney, Aus. race report
1971-03-13        Melbourne, Aus.  Feb, 21 race report
1971-04-10        Questor Grand Prix preview---Ron Grable article
on                            F1 Vs. F5000
1971-04-17        Questor Grand Prix race report
1971-04-24        Leicester, Eng. Mar. 18 race report
1971-05-08        Dartford, Eng. April 12 race report
1971-05-15        Riverside, CA.  April 25 race report
1971-05-22        Laguna Seca, CA May 2 race report---Ron
Grable                             artice Riverside round 1
1971-05-29        Williams Racing Enterprises has acquired
Rex                                    Ramsey's Aero Structures Development
firm and                                F/5000 car.---Ron Grable article on
Laguna                                        Seca---Dublin, Ire. May 2 race
1971-06-12        Kent, Wash. May 23 race report---Trojan
drops                                   Graham McRae because of shortage
of                                             engines---Chippenham, Eng. May 15
race report