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1969-07-12        Sears Point 'Continental 49er' race report---
1969-08-02        Bridgehampton cancelled Aug. 2-3 due to lack
of                                        accommodations
1969-08-09        Road America 500 race report---Gulf Canada,
Mac                                    Donald, Manitoba Airport Circuit CRRC race
1969-09-27        St. Jovite, Que  race report
1969-10-18        Trois Rivieres, Que. race report
1969-11-08        Len Terry offers new F/A car.  Designer of
the                                            1965 Lotus Indy car, Dan Gurney's
Eagles and the                                    original Surtees TS5 has
announced has new LEDA                                  Mk20.
1969-11-22        Modern Success Story, Charlie Hayes
Racing                                             Equipment---F/A drivers to
organize---Hogan, Starr form                            F/A Team with driver John
1969-12-13        Andretti signs to debut Lotus 70 F/A at Sebring, Fla.
this                           December---Marv Webster plans on building
gearboxes                             for F/A cars.
1969-12-20        Works McLaren F/5000 car will be entered by
Irishman                               Sid Taylor for the 1970 season---David
Hobbs and                                    Trevor Taylor will again drive for Team
Surtees---Bruce                             McLaren test new M10B and Trojan
has announced                                  plans to build 50 of the new
McLarens---Fla. SCCA                                    National