My Formula 5000
Roy Woods Racing
Since its formation in 1968 Roy Woods Racing, Inc. Has grown more
rapidly than any organization in American racing, moving from a one car
entry in 1969 Regional SCCA Formula Ford races, to a two car
independent team on the Trans Am circuit in 1970. The first independent
team to beat a factory team in Trans Am racing, winning the Donnybrook
race in 1970. In 1971 RWR expanded to the Can Am and L&M Formula
5000 series, in addition to a 2-car team in the Trans Am. In 1972
representing American Motors in the Trans Am and winning the
Manufacturer and Driver titles for Javeline and George Follmer. RWR
also raced in the L&M Formula 5000 series  and the USAC 500 mile race
at Ontario, California.
  In November of 1972, Roy Woods and Carling Brewing Company
announced Carling’s sponsorship of perhaps one of the most ambitious
racing programs yet attempted — for 1973 Roy Woods Racing, Inc. Has
entered three racing cars in three of the top professional North American
Championship series. David Hobbs of England will drive a Carling Black
Label Special Eagle in the Big Three 500 mile USAC races and a Black
Label Special McLaren in the nine race Can Am series. Tony Adamowicz
drives the Black Label Special Lola in the L&M Championship.
  Keeping in line with the growth pattern and goals for the future this past
January, Roy Woods Racing, Inc. and Kastner-Brophy, Inc. Of Gardena,
California. This brought the new company a 20,000 square foot technical
facility and a number of highly competitive and experienced people, in
addition to the staff Woods’ had assembled over the past couple of years
and also brought together perhaps one of the most highly successful and
knowledgeable men in racing, R. W. (Kas) Kastner. Kas is serving as the
Executive Vice President and General Manager of the three company
divisions — Woods Racing Engines, Roy Woods Engineering and Roy
Woods Racing, Inc.
  Woods says this about the future, “In five seasons I feel we have
become one of the top race teams in the country. I believe auto racing
can be a good business. If you don’t spend money you can’t win and you
can’t make money unless you win.” With the recent announcement of the
Carling Brewing Company as a major sponsor and our associate
sponsors Castrol Oil Company of Hackensack, New Jersey, and
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, I feel we have the necessary
support to perhaps set our sights on becoming No. 1 in auto racing. We
certainly feel our program for 1973 will help our sponsors discover that
auto racing spells “performance” in big red letters in the mind of the
public, and performance, in turn, spells sales and earnings in letters that
are even bigger and bolder on the balance sheets at the end of the fiscal